General CloudPage Process


I always consider landing page to be a bit less difficult to develop compare to the edm when it comes to start from scratch. Essentially, every brand has its own principle, and if you start from scratch you will always miss something. For landing page, it’s less restrictive because you don’t really need to worry about outlook.

Insert the value into DE

A very basic form processing + success page will be something like this:

set @fname= RequestParameter(‘fname’)
set @lname= RequestParameter(‘lname’)

UpsertDE(‘DE NAME’,1,’First_Name’,@fname,’Last_Name’,@lname)


The HTML part

with your form, be sure to put on your CloudPagesURL number inside the bracket, let’s say under your form processing + success page, the Page ID is 16721:

Small Note on Font

You CANT upload font to the marketing cloud, it’s bit hard to do. The safest way to do it is either to import from the google font, or upload it to a safe drive then reference it in the cloudpage.

Publish Issue

If you have an intermission page, it’s ok that you have a publish error because it’s for the processing forms. But if your main page has a publish error, then you will have trouble publishing the page. You need to take a good look at the ampscript part, make sure all things are closed. A good way to check is to go to the to see if there’s any tags that are not closed.